About Us

V Corner is a cozy Vietnamese bistro and bar in the heart of Amsterdam. We proudly take our guests on a journey to discover Vietnamese cuisine on another level of fun, where authenticity meets creativity.

Have you ever heard of Vietnamese Tacos?

V Corner Combos Menu

Holiday Promotions!

Let’s celebrate this holiday season without breaking your bank account!

Our promotions are here to enhance your holiday spirit, make your life easier and your pocket happier.

Our Dinner

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V Corner‘s dinner menu offers the best of Vietnamese cuisine, from street food to homemade meal, cooked by grandmothers & mothers in Vietnam, loved by generations. Using imported ingredients & herbs, our dishes show you Vietnam with every bite.

Our Signature Cocktails

A Vietnamese twist in every cocktail!

V Corner‘s signature cocktails are created following Vietnamese culture, landscape and ingredients. Each cocktail tells a story with its own character, from simplicity to complexity. Choosing a cocktail can tell a lot about you, which character are you? There’s only one way to find out, at V Corner!

An Unforgettable Experience

Sitting right in the center of Amsterdam Old West, set in a friendly, urban chic ambiance, V Corner’s founder aim to create a harmony of amazing food, wonderful drinks and joyful time for our guests.