About Us

V Corner is a cozy Vietnamese bistro and bar in the heart of Amsterdam. “A mixture of Trendy & Traditional”, as described by our beloved guests… We proudly take our guests on a journey to Vietnam, via blooming flavours in every dish and a Vietnamese twist in every cocktail.

Our Dinner

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V Corner‘s dinner menu offers the best of Vietnamese cuisine, from street food to homemade meal, cooked by grandmothers & mothers in Vietnam, loved by generations. Using imported ingredients & herbs, our dishes show you Vietnam with every bite.

Our Signature Cocktails

A Vietnamese twist in every cocktail!

V Corner‘s signature cocktails are created following Vietnamese culture, landscape and ingredients. Each cocktail tells a story with its own character, from simplicity to complexity. Choosing a cocktail can tell a lot about you, which character are you? There’s only one way to find out, at V Corner!

An Unforgettable Experience

Sitting right in the center of Amsterdam Old West, set in a friendly, urban chic ambiance, V Corner’s founder aim to create a harmony of amazing food, wonderful drinks and joyful time for our guests.